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Reach new customer groups

Marketing plans need not be restricted by geographic presence. With our Omnichannel solutions you can now reach customer groups that were tough to reach otherwise with a physical store. Discover new customer groups, widen your presence and distribution and increase your brand footprint to wherever the internet allows.

Local Language Offers

Make offers in any local language

Language is not a constraint anymore. Wherever in the world you may be, communicate with your customers in their local language. We have installations across Africa, Asia, Europe and in North America, each solution runs in the native language of that region. Our customers report that using local languages in combination with localised offerings helps them build trust & close deals faster.

Operational Costs

No increase in operational costs

Managing our proprietary solution doesn’t mean that you need to hire new staff in either tech or in marketing. The solution resides on your existing marketing solution and integrates seamlessly to offer you enhanced reach and profitability. The easy to use interface allows the same operations team to mange the solution with minimal training.

Minimal technology investment

Minimal technology investment

Our solution uses your existing infrastructure and integrates with your existing systems without the need for too many technology investments. Plus it can be up and running in a few days giving you an edge over competition from day 1.


Built-in automated digital marketing solution

Our solutions comes pre-fitted with a digital marketing platform that not only tracks performance and results from each outlet but also pre-empts with offers that might be relevant for the customer groups of each locality. That makes it easy for your local or central marketing and operations teams to build offers on-the-fly and leave the competition gasping for air.

online stores

Empower local stores to challenge online stores

With the boom in e-commerce the general consensus seems to suggest a tough time for local retailers. If predictions are to be believed, independent retail outlets have just a few years before they are totally overshadowed by online retail. With our technology solution you can actually drive online search traffic to the local stores. A solution that is probably more viable for customers and for the local store. Instant closure of sale, locally.

Increase Marketshare

Increase Marketshare

Now that your customers are able to add local online audiences to their potential customer groups, they are eventually able to increase their marketshare with increased reach. Also, in the long run you are able to attract more customers that are looking for similar solutions. Making this a profitable proposition for both you and your customers.

Brand Name Solutions

Offer solution in your own brand name

Whitelabel the solution and offer it to your customers in your own brand name. You keep the majority of revenue share and we help set it up for you. All the benefits and minimal investment from your end.

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Mr. Manoj P.R.

"We have delivered surprising & good results for our customers"

Mr. Manoj P.R. - Stalwart Web Solutions
Mr. Brij Mohan Negi

"It's like magic "

Mr. Brij Mohan Negi - Jawahar International
Mr. Amerender Puri

"It's such a unique concept, all SMBs should adopt and benefit from it."

Mr. Amerender Puri - Design Brand
Mr. Kamal Kishore

"I've discovered new features and capabilities that help me deliver improved results"

Mr. Kamal Kishore - Advanced IT Solutions
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